Aquire & Manage eCommerce with unparalleled Insight & Flexibility. Build and manage your direct response and subscription-billing campaigns with total accuracy.

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Our mission is simple:
Help advertisers to succeed in direct response anywhere in the world.


We live and breathe to provide our clients with competitively advantaged technology and support needed to acquire customers and to grow revenues with direct response.

Inspiration drives us to be the best at what we do; innovation remains our goal as we help brands to achieve success.


The new, sophisticated consumers require a variety of high-tech approaches to capture their business. Our end-to-end direct marketing platforms provide APIs, flexible web forms, and up to 600 custom fields.


256-bit encryption technology; EV SSL certificates; issuing bank BIN-state matching; and listed with Visa as PCI-compliant. The safety of your customers always comes first.


Our clients represent a cross section of the new economy, such as mobile service providers, herbal supplements/nutriceuticals, health and exercise providers and online auction sites.


How powerful is your marketing platform? BlackDragonCRM builds flexible software that enables you to control the entire customer cross sell-path and to earn higher post-transaction commissions with zero-risk sales. Schedule a demo today and see for yourself.


Power Your Direct Response And Subscription Billing With A Strategic Advantage

BlackDragonCRM provides an innovative, powerful platform for Direct Response Marketing campaigns. In a rapidly changing industry, our cutting-edge software gives real-time access to your target market and provides flexible solutions for every aspect of reporting and analytics.

We understand what you need as a direct response marketer because our tools have been honed by experts in the field. Our straightforward, cost-effective platform consolidates data from many sources and delivers your CRM, e-commerce, social marketing and e-mail all in one place.

We focus on simplicity and scalability in a truly integrated package that is both powerful and intuitive. Easily customizable to your needs, our software is built to generate revenue, maximize your ROI and take your enterprise to the next level.

Subscription Billing

Our software makes subscription billing seamless for you and your customers. Scale ability is easy and customized to your specifications.
Our interchangeable system provides easy solutions for all you needs.

Revenue Enhancement

Our team of experts will advise on your economic growth and revenue enhancement and bring you solutions with business financing, affiliate marketing, merchant processing and call center options. Grow your business with us !

Simple Assisted Setup

Concierge assistance from start to launch. Complete campaign set up from the beginning to end. We can run your entire project. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Landing page set up and integration. Fulfillment integration. 3rd party call center integration. Customer service and partial recovery for your non buyers.

Reporting & Analytics

Black Dragon’s advanced reporting and business intelligence engine operates in real time.The reporting and analytics provides you with current and actionable data with real time statistics, performance indicators and metrics. With our powerhouse reporting infrastructure customize, filter and analyze your data with our easy to use platform. Our analytics allow you to easily manage all your upgrades, maintenance and overall productivity and reduce your IT costs substantially.

Customer Management

We will analyze your customer interactions and data throughout the life cycle of your campaigns to maximize business interaction with your customers and vendors. We will help shape your customer management strategies to grasp all opportunities.

Affiliate Fraud Protection

We detect affiliate fraud.

Daily monitoring of your activity logs and anything suspicious or any unusual patterns.

We are on guard for spamming, fake clicks, forced referrals and illegal transactions

Merchant Accounts

Our client base enables us to work with the very best merchant account providers. The difference is we deal direct and our providers offer fast and easy service. We insure that you will choose the perfect processor for your needs whether its high risk or retail.You’ll be able to keep up with all the different ways your customers may want to pay with our partners.

Generate more direct response, recurring revenue faster and with less effort!

About Us

BlackDragonCRM is a dedicated group of specialists in e-commerce and payment security. We share more than 40 years of combined experience in automation, network development and managing merchant accounts: from terminals to underwriting. BlackDragonCRM is committed to delivering the next generation of direct marketing and subscription billing platforms, whether you are a small business looking to expand or an international enterprise in need of streamlined operations

Everything we do is built on the foundation of our five core values: accountability, experience, integrity, loyalty and passion. You can be certain that we are committed to your success, because we only grow by ensuring that your company can succeed.

The best way to grow your customer base is through referrals, and that means providing world-class customer service that can acquire, access and execute on critical information instantly. Automation, speed, utility, and productivity are the hallmarks of an SaaS subscription billing system from BlackDragonCRM.



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